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01 August 2016 @ 01:21 pm
Get back to where you once belongggeddd  
Today I had an abdominal ultrasound to check my stomach, gallbladder, kidneys, liver, and spleen.

The entire morning was actually pretty chill, even though out of the ordinary things happened that maybe others would consider an inconvenience. They're re-paving the parking lot here, so I had to park up the street, near the yoga studio Mum goes to every week. I've wanted to make a habit of walking ~20min a day, so I was mindful of how good it probably was for me to get fresh air & exercise first thing in the morning. I haven't done anything like that since before I had my driver's license and had to walk to the bus stop to get to PCC (7 years ago!) The Diagnostic Imaging department at the hospital had cozy lighting and some acoustic muzak. The ultrasound room was dim and cozy, too. I had a student doing most of the procedure who was really timid and sweet, and I watched the screen for most of the time, even if I couldn't make out what I was seeing. XD

I've grown really fond of taking the back roads home from the hospital/doctor's office. You can go up to 50mph down long roads through farm land, and there's never traffic. I see a lot of looming trees and some creepy looking barns, so it's also kind of a kick of inspiration. There's even a whole ton of what appear to be shore pines, way out past the fenced off fields. (I'd decided shore pines populate the forest in HT surrounding the theater, because they are common here in the Pacific Northwest.)

So... yeah... I came home and had coffee, and threw some granola on top some yogurt for breakfast. I'm addicted to granola now. I'm popping it like House pops Vicodin. Actually, no, I guess that's not a good comparison. I'm popping way more granola than House pops Vicadin.

ANYHOO, I'm just trying to focus on and improve the things that I have control over.

  • Brandy and I had a "writing night" yesterday. It didn't work out well --- I couldn't focus well at his house -- but it was the thought that counted. I'm getting back into that habit of brainstorming and looking over what I'm working on every day, so if I can just keep at it, this chapter will pull together. CH10 took a really long time, and I felt just as hopeless and confused about it, but it turned out solid and strong, so I have kept that in mind while I struggle.

  • I've gained a little weight back because the Pantene has kept me feeling well enough to expand my diet again. Although I still miss a lot of the foods I used to eat, I have also noticed that while the people I'm around are enjoying those things, like pizza or burgers, I'm having much healthier alternatives, and even look forward to some of those things. (Granola, as I mentioned. Also grapes!)

  • I keep checking All Classical Portland's website for their Fall intern applications, and it's past the time they said they would be up, but as soon as they go up, I'm applying.

  • I also just applied to be a PCC student again, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like I was coming home. It turns out I did so a little late because registration opens tomorrow (almost two months before class even starts!), so I'm a little bit worried that I'll have unforseen hoops to jump through and end up registering late/maybe miss out if a class I'm interested in fills before I get to it. I can't imagine it'll be too complicated, though: I'm paying out of pocket and probably just auditing. Very shortly, I'll be taking a look at what's available. How exciting!

On that note, I've gotta get out of here. Gee, I wonder if some of my teachers are still there. They'd probably be quite shocked to see me. Or do I want them to see me?! "Oh heyyy! Yep, it's me, Jennifer! I got my BA in Film but it's not serving me and now I'm a 27-year-old pizza delivery boy. Wassup?!"

Jesus, I feel like Fry from Futurama, except my life is still boring and unsatisfactory. XD

Well, ciao, lurkers. Any comment at all would be so fantastic. As it stands, I feel like I could delete this blog and nobody would bat a lash. I wouldn't, but still.

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