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24 September 2016 @ 10:18 am
updates on the cosplay, the blog, and nothin' else.  
Hey ya'll,

I'm so neglecting my LJ, and if not to you then I must apologize to myself about that. I guess the things that I want to talk about lately just aren't well portrayed on this site, or I know they wouldn't be interesting to anyone but the Suicide Squad fandom. Still down that rabbit hole and will not be coming out any time soon. lol

I've made a lot of improvements on my cosplay, went on a few shopping adventures, and spent more money than I'd anticipated, but I still can't figure out why. It's already a given that the character I'm cosplaying has been hacked up by editing and mostly left on a cutting room floor, so is my blind passion and headcanonning (yes, I'm turning that into a verb) really propelling all this effort? I especially wonder this since Orlok never made it past the effort needed to show him on a low resolution webcam.

Here's my guess: this is how I would have been with Orlok, if I hadn't been swamped with schoolwork and living financial aid check to financial aid check. I was poor, stressed, and depressed. I could throw in that the Nosferatu "fandom" is not alive and kickin' like the Suicide Squad one is, but we all know I put astronomical amounts of care into things that will be covered in cobwebs in due time *coughcough*The AIW website*coughcough*...

No, but really, it's been fun. Maybe that's what I'm spending the money and time on: having a mission and feeling supported in it. Having little increments of success come your way because you worked for it and were patient and dedicated. I think I will shock myself and everyone else when this thing comes together, even if my progress is on tumblr for all to see. There are close to 170 followers now; that's pretty cool. And they're all nice and encouraging. New stuff is still surfacing so we are always excitedly passing it around. They released a collector's edition of the film score, Margot Robbie is hosting SNL in a week, and she is also creating a spinoff film about Harley Quinn which means probably MOAR JOKER! :DDD

But, as to be expected, I did get my first anon hate... I was asked why I choose to cosplay an abuser. I had many responses running through my head. I wanted them to answer their own question. I wanted to point out that discouraging me from doing something I enjoy that isn't hurting anyone is worse than anything a fictional character does to another fictional character. I also wanted to post a bunch of pictures of awesome cosplays of villains or monsters, with variant questions. "Why would you cosplay Jafar, someone who turns himself into a genie and enslaves the world?!" "Why are you Dracula? He's always killing people!" "Of all the characters, you had to choose Austin Powers? HE'S A WOMANIZER. I GUESS YOU SUPPORT WOMANIZATION." But I didn't say anything because I do not believe in spreading negativity, and I think that anon's mind was closed. Nothing I could say would get them or anyone similar to act with more respect. Plus, I think as your site traffic grows, you... you don't exactly owe anything to anyone, but you have more of a chance to cheer people up and inspire them, which I bet members of this fandom need, given how often they are criticized, and how often it's insecurity that fuels their obsession for the characters... I don't want to remind them that there are discouraging assholes out there, and I especially don't want to have/be seen having my feathers ruffled by them. They don't deserve to see that I noticed them. I want them to see me having a rockin' time doing something I'm good at.

Anyhoo... that's where my head is right now... I wish I could say that I could split it into two subjects, but He's There is just lying around, and whenever I go to work on it, I reread what I wrote, find problems with it, and then am too tired to actually write new scenes. It's a vicious cycle. A really stupid and lazy one, too.


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Madame Arcaticloudsinvenice on September 25th, 2016 05:56 pm (UTC)
I think your decision re: anon hate is a wise one, and I also really like the philosophy behind it. Having seen the utter poison spread by orchestrated anon hate, I'd agree that you can make more of a difference with your passion, enthusiasm and creativity.
Lady Bow: Hot Choccccladybows_fs on September 28th, 2016 02:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah. :) I read it somewhere but never reblogged an insightful remark about anons once: that when they submit critical messages they crave the response, no matter what it is. They begin to check the blog more often, refresh, refresh, refresh. What they do is like sprinkling salt on a slug (why am I using this metaphor while I'm drinking my coffee????) So even if the blogger wrote an excellent comeback that made total sense, even if they just posted a funny gif trying to brush it off, they are still doing what Anon wants. So the only way to properly combat it is to have them feel like they have thrown words into an abyss. It's much more frustrating!