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05 October 2016 @ 05:10 pm
So in no particular order...  
I called a wig shop for the first time in my life and talked about a certain green, slicked back lace-front wig I might need.

Class is going well. Haven't made friends but enjoy the experience nonetheless. We read Waiting for Godot.

There's a couple new guys at work who are cute. Not that it matters.

I accidentally seduced one of my mom's coworkers just by coming in to say hi to her. He was cute too, but men are evil so fuck that.

I bought fabric markers at Michaels!

There are many delicious foods in the fridge that I CAN ACTUALLY EAT. WE EVEN GOT TERIYAKI THE OTHER DAY. AND I HAD PIZZA AT WORK. NO PAIN AT ALL.

Kitchen Orlok has been on the bar top for eight months now, and for the past two weeks he has been sitting, pondering life's greatest questions.

Willie gave me his first hug ever. He'll be two on the 31st. He's annoying but also adorable, if that makes any sense.


Just learned today that Suicide Squad the Extended Cut with the scenes they took out of Joker & Harley will be released next month, so everybody, including myself, is freaking out about that!

I'm wanting to do SS fanfic, and HT painting again. We'll see if I can fit that in.

I HAVE A MASSAGE APPOINTMENT ON SATURDAY EVENING, my first in monthsss because I was worried I was too sick to be able to lie down in a public place for that long without getting uncomfortable.

I miss Lynn, the lady who does my facials. I need more cleanser that she sells, so I want to use that as an excuse to go and visit her and have tea, hopefully. :)

And Tarot. I miss Tarot and magick and want to put together a fun little spell.

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