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16 December 2016 @ 10:38 am
Page-turners, female protagonists, and candles  
So no one's here reading this, and I did myself the favor of deleting the "new friends" I made earlier this year who weren't ever responding or writing anything interesting. :) I guess LJ will just continue to be dead and hopeless. lol And yet here I am.

I did some spontaneous, new things recently, though. I made all my final chapters public here, put them under one tag, and linked them on the FB page. A couple new readers were able to read them. Since so much of it still needs fixing, it hasn't made me feel things are so worth protecting anymore. Rather get feedback so when it's changed (which it will be) it's changed for the better. Also, I made a Google Drive folder, which is kind of exciting, since that program is better at bringing people together around work like this and allowing for quick and easy commenting. People won't have to leave polished reviews anymore; they can just make remarks anywhere they think of one.

Surprisingly, a few new people came out of the woodwork when I started posting about this. I even got a super sweet message from someone who quote-unquote "tore through the first draft" and shall have "a special place for HT on the bookshelf". They had been in an abusive thing until recently so they related to later chapters and were even praising Mariam and Paulina for having character arcs that responded to abuse.

Oh, how my heart swells! I love hearing stuff like that. That's the kind of book I want to publish: the page-turner you bring out to dinner because you have to read it under the table. The one that brings about all the feelz.

I think all you have to go by to create a page-turner is to write what would make you turn the pages yourself, and that is what I do, so I will just keep on doing it. The story holds interest for me, too. I have a lot of outside imaginings that don't fit in the plot just because the characters feel real enough, and interesting enough. They can't be objectively interesting to everyone, but you know what I mean.

Fun anecdote: my friend Lian, who used to spork all of my other friend Julia/Sephirothslave's fanfictions (which should give you an indication how different in temperament we are) said she couldn't relate to Lily. She would have preferred the story center around a character like Mariam. I wasn't bothered by it, though. That's okay with me. I love Mariam, and she never gets enough acknowledgement as far as I'm concerned! Much of my feedback throughout the years has been about how readers feel Lily represents them, and I hold fast to that because I think people like her are more in need of being represented. Her counterpart, Christine, is among the characters in classic literature that are always steamrolled because of their eccentrics and introversion, too. She wasn't even given any chapters in her POV in the novel, despite being the second most important character! The main reason for that would seem to be that Leroux was writing a mystery novel and needed to keep characters who knew too much at a distance, but it still ended up hurting her a lot, with regards to how much respect she was given as a female protagonist going through SHIT NO ONE ELSE COULD IMAGINE. So yes, Mariam is a likable, spunky girl with clearer, more nonnegotiable boundaries, and an ability to cut through bullshit. She is a good role model. But does she need to be represented? I think the people who relate more to her will do just fine without it.

And, you know, this is just my opinion -- don't tell her ;) -- but I think Mariam needs just a little bit of sensitivity lessons. She relies too much on the theory of things and not enough on her empathy for unique circumstances. It is why she pushes Lily away, which is quite harmful, despite that she cares.

Well, it is a snow day but not snowy enough that I can stay home. I was convinced that it's clear enough past the icy parking lot, so I will be venturing out... TBH I'd rather stay home and write, as I've been doing the past two days for hours and hours at a time, so I'm not much looking forward to a slow-as-fuck day serving people woks and burritos. Hopefully there's something on the social front to make my 8hr shift go by faster.


P.S. Anyone seen these candles before? { x } I'm tickled by the themes of the scents! "Headmaster's Office"! "Mad Tea Party"! "Gatsby's Mansion"! "Reading at the Cafe"! I might have to get one. They seem the kind of thing that would help you get some writing done. ;)
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