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03 January 2017 @ 10:49 am
Hello, Januaryyyy, nice to see you  

I think I will need to buy:

- A bunch of LUSH products
- Almond M&M's ✓
- A decent-sized Himalayan salt lamp
- Moar plain-scented tealights ✓

So I can get back into the groooove! The magnificent groove I was in last January that had me so happy I'm thinking of it even now with a wistful little grin on my face as I sit by the heater with my coffee.

For some reason, I'm working a 6-day week, but maybe after work tonight I will go by the store and at least get three of these... then hit LUSH online. ahaha I would have writing marathons in the bathtub! Bring in candy and wine, candles, and bubble bars, and just kick it.

I'm happy to say that I want and could be able to do that again, during this very special time of year, after what I've been through. Sometimes there has been a pattern, where one year is great creatively and the next sucks. Not even sure how to count 2016, since some of it was so good and some of it was so bad. Maybe it evens out to average? xD No... I think it tips the scale over to the good side. After the summer, I picked myself up and went so far with J that I'm really proud of myself.

Yesterday, someone on tumblr said they missed me through pm, "please come back!" DDDD:

On that note, I think I have to sneak a make-up session in, take some photos and do some chapsnatz. I'm itching to do it, and I bet my followers would enjoy it too. It's just, where do I fit Orlok in? It'd be glorious to try my new makeup stuff on him and do a little video like the good ole days.

AHHH, Nosferatu in Love! What will become of that?! It was such a huge thing, born so suddenly that there was no way to make room for it. Like an unexpected child! And I have it, and I turn to the father, and I'm like "shit. We don't have any money. We'll have to stay at your parents'! What about its college fund?! What about diapers!" Luckily, unlike a child, I could put NIL to bed and never wake it up until I felt like it. lol So it's been in a slumber for what, 3-4 years? (Is there room, this year, for Script Frenzy? Do I want to wake it up?)

Guess it depends what gets done with HT. I'm optimistic, though. Recently, I've been tossing around the idea of keeping off the internet for extended periods of time so I can build my focus. There have been times in the past when I'd spend a couple hours without checking a thing, and I was so much more mindful of what I was doing while I was doing it. It was more rewarding, to read, to listen to a podcast, to lie there absorbing it. Your senses are sharper. I smelled my candles better, I tasted and appreciated my food more. Isn't that weird? There was more peace in my life; I was more content when I had to leave the house; I felt time had been used meaningfully.

Now that I'm not super sick, that mindfulness could take me far with storytelling... if I can just work myself up to being off the internet. lol It always seems like it's going to blow, depriving yourself of your online shit, but then as soon as you're in that moment, thinking to yourself "what do I do now", you have to come up with something that means enough that you won't even think of caving in to instant gratification. Like, "okay, I'm offline. What do I do? I know. I'll work on that painting that I've wanted to do for weeks and just didn't start because tumblr."

I can already think of a list of things I could do. ahaha

❉ Watch more Yu Yu Hakusho xD
❉ Paint Kurama because he is beautifffulll
❉ Catch up on Sam Harris' podcast
❉ Mend two of my pillows that opened up at the seams
❉ Unpack some of my Christmas gifts
❉ Yoga / Meditation
❉ Ohh, you know, writing HT

Okay, I gotta go hurry off to work. Bye.

chiharunaminechiharunamine on January 15th, 2017 01:31 pm (UTC)
LUSH products, yasss! I'm so glad we share a love for them. And I'm happy you're taking good care of + loving yourself and indulging your interests <3
Lady Bowladybows_fs on January 16th, 2017 05:47 am (UTC)
Hey gurl~~ It's the least I can do! Life is stressful. My God, you just reminded me I didn't buy any LUSH yet and I neeeddd ittt.