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15 January 2017 @ 10:13 pm
Oh, hallo  
If my body wasn't having a migraine marathon the past few days, I probably would have devoured half the Yu Yu Hakusho manga by now, because I downloaded some of it onto my Kindle and not only is it adorable, but the anime is adorable, and sassy, charming, unique, and interesting on so many levels. catches breath I watched this show as a young teenager (13-14) and a lot of what makes it so rich went over my head, I think. All it took was a little nostalgic feeling about it and I went and downloaded the whole thing, then couldn't stop watching. It kind of consumed me! I stopped writing just so I could keep up with it, and then I got to fanart, then to an aesthetic blog for Kurama, and even a few are encouraging me to cosplay, but I'm not so sure about that yet. The fandom at tumblr, I'm being careful about that since people ruin everything, but there have been some truly HILARIOUS blogs that made that fuzzy feeling for this show grow by ten-fold. Namely, yuyufashion and askdrunkyyh. Stuff that doesn't get too serious, y'know?

KKH - Dead Man
This is fanart of Kurama and Karasu's fight, which was... creepy in all the right ways. ;D

Needless to say, I fell in love with Kurama again. But to my shock, I also feel in love (in a more platonic way) with KUWABARA, CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT.

I wrote some less than savory things about him in the past, but it must have been because I was a shallow fucking numbskull, because he. is. just. delightful. I legit think he's a stand-up gent and he's made me laugh so hard I cried. TBH I even love his fucking voice now - I think he's great at whining and freaking out, and also sounding like he's in pain ;O; which makes me sad because I don't want poor lil Kuwa hurting and would hug him if I was there. :(((( lol Listen to me, I'm ridiculous. No, but back to Kurama: yeah, it doesn't even matter if he's canonically 15-18yrs old, the very concept of him in my head is an impossibly beautiful older man who constantly speaks in a bedroom-voice and HAS A WHIP AS HIS MAIN WEAPON.


This is kind of weird, but after starting an aesthetic blog for him, I've realized I love rose-gold. If I could afford it, I'd buy rose-gold shoes and a fancy ipod case and you-name-it.

Oh, right, right, I'm supposed to be rewriting a novel. Well, it was going well where I left off. Before I was distracted. Heheh. Even got some comments on the Google Drive docs, and I had some sweet conversations with a handful of readers I didn't even know before. So that was lovely. When I'm back to posting and can FOCUS... which should be very soon if I know what's good for me... then perhaps I can reengage with them about the material thus far. There hasn't been much feedback for ch6-10 yet, and that stuff I'm DYIN' to hear about since it was recently spruced up with the DESPERATE HOPE IT WAS MORE EFFECTIVE THAN LAST TIME, GHUUU.

No Yu Yu Hakusho, Jennifer. Little by little, at the most. It's not going anywhere. ;D

Well there's a PB&J callin' my name.

All of you, behave.

♥, J
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