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Lady Bow's Original Story & Fanfiction Updates

Running on tea and obsession 24/7!

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Lady Bow
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Welcome to my writing journal,

My website persona is Lady Bow, but my real name is Jennifer and I am a writer interested in publishing, making movies, making comics -- the whole shebang. My imagination is the center of my world, and I thought if I'm thinking about it constantly, I should have a journal where I can reflect on the process of my writing as it happens, but not annoy people that aren't interested.

So this is the place. I don't really expect anyone besides my friends that I sent over or known readers to visit, but hey, I welcome anyone with an interest in story-writing, my writing in particular, or just a certain story that has caught your attention to take a look at the behind-the-scenes, so to speak.

You'll see that I use the Memories section a lot. It organizes my general updates and updates on specific stories, mainly.

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